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    1. Pickup Tunes is unique in that it is not only a fun game, but also a serious ear training tool for musicians of all ages and ability levels. It is fun and accessible for the young beginner in music, yet challenging enough for the advanced adult musician. Most importantly, IT IS A BLAST TO PLAY!

      5 stars......Highly recommended!

    2. Gerry Etkins

    3. Keyboardist

    4. Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    1. I’ve never had so much fun doing ear training, this app is a blast and I’m already addicted!

      I think that any musician will benefit from this real world approach to better ears.

      Two thumbs up!

    2. Beth Marlis

    3. Guitarist

    4. Vice President, Musicians Institute

      Executive Director, The Musicians Foundation

    1. This game is great for a quick play or for hours of challenging entertainment. It kept me on my toes the whole time! It’s part memory game (think Simon) and part Name That Tune. You actually receive a reward from playing it—a keen ear for music and an ability to identify intervals!

    2. Will Lee

    3. Bassist

    4. Late Night with David Letterman

    1. I’m seriously digging Pickup Tunes. Once I got past the intro song, which I couldn’t stop listening and bobbing my head to, I was addicted seconds into the game. What a great way to develop your ears and have fun at the same time. I’m hooked!!!!

      5 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Derrick “Doc” Murdock

    3. Bassist

    4. Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    1. Wow! This app is fun and a must have tool for musicians of all levels.

    2. Schuyler Deale

    3. Bass Guitarist

    4. Performed and recorded with
      Billy Joel and Michael Bolton

    1. Ear training is essential to musicians of all levels, and to be able to improve my ear training using this game while sitting in an airport is a blast…you can have fun and keep your ears tuned up at the same time!

    2. Bill Evans

    3. Recording Artist, Jazz Saxophonist

    1. This is the one thing that was missing from the app/music world: a good ear trainer. Well here it is!

    2. Marcus Miller

    3. Grammy Award Winning Producer, Composer, Bassist

    1. That’s a very good concept and educational tool!

    2. Billy Cobham

    3. Drummer, Composer, Educator, Recording Artist

    1. Tapping into the tactile teaching power of the touchscreen, Pickup Tunes makes ear training fun.

    2. Jude Gold

    3. Director

    4. Musicians Institute Guitar Program

    1. Pickup Tunes is a great tool for my middle school band and orchestra students and my college students to practice their ear training in a fun way! It’s like a 21st century Simon game on steroids!

      This a great way to help the students recognize melodies and chords for use in jazz improvisation and composition!

      The only problem with the game is they may enjoy the music between levels so much, they might forget to keep playing!

    2. Steve Steinberg

    3. Educator, Saxophonist

    4. Big Band Director, Palomar College

      Music Director, Marshall Middle School

    1. This is it!!! This is the app I’ve wanted to create but didn’t have time (and didn’t know how)!!! This is the fun version of so much of the work I do with the kids at the Stax Music Academy in Memphis. I bought it right away. Watch it make the difference in the musicality of every musician who tries it!

    2. Kirk Whalum

    3. Saxophonist/CEO

    4. The Stax Music Academy

    1. Wow! A fun, interactive, right brain approach to ear training. It makes what could be “homework” into a kind of math or word game.

      I’ll recommend this App to students and friends.

    2. Bobby Broom

    3. Jazz Guitarist, Recording Artist & Jazz Educator