Two Images of Dean Brown in Performance + Cover for the album Groove Warrior

Meet Dean Brown

World Class Performer. World Renowned Teacher.

What Separates a Good
Musician From a Great One?

Lots of times it’s the ears. A musician who hasn’t learned to hear is at a disadvantage, like a chef without a sense of taste.

Enter Dean Brown

Dean is a musician’s musician. He’s recorded and toured with some of the most prominent musicians in the world, artists such as Michael and Randy Brecker, Marcus Miller, Roberta Flack, David Sanborn and Billy Cobham. And he’s still at it, touring with his trio DBIII, which features jazz greats Dennis Chambers and Will Lee. When Dean’s not on the road, he’s sharing his road-won wisdom with students at LA’s famous Musicians Institute. Dean’s a world-class player—and you won’t find a better teacher anywhere.

Teaching you what
REALLY matters

Dean’s teaching method is special, forged in the crucible of playing live with some of the most demanding musicians in the world. Dean knows what it takes to be great.

Instead of throwing random intervals at you, his methodology focuses on what really matters: how you actually hear music. Instead of abstract exercises, he’ll give you the essentials you need to be a better player.

Pickup Tunes®

This first release of Pickup Tunes focuses on single note lines and melodies. Master this game and you’ll start playing what you hear, not just pre-learned patterns. The key to developing your ear is practice—a sometimes tedious process that Pickup Tunes makes fun.

Compare scores with your friends and you’ll find your ears getting better before you know it.

Pickup Tunes is suitable for all ages. If you’re a parent introducing your child to music, you’ll find Pickup Tunes is a great starting point.