PickupTunes Screenshots on iPhone and iPad.


“A great way to learn.” — Dean Brown

Pickup Tunes®

Dean Brown Music Series

Develop your ears with techniques based on how you actually hear music. Instead of abstract exercises, you’ll get the essentials you need to be a better player.

Buy Pickup Tunes® now and start getting better—while having fun!

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Have Fun

  • Choose your instrument—guitar or piano
  • Earn points for speed and accuracy
  • Rack up bonus points by matching two-note harmonies
  • Get an extra life every 500 points!
  • Compare your high score with your friends

Learn to Hear Music

  • Match notes, melodies and harmonies
  • Train your ears in four musical stages: the major triad, the pentatonic scale, the major scale and the full chromatic scale.
  • Master each level to unlock the next one.
  • Can you reach the final challenge?

This first release of Pickup Tunes® focuses on single note lines and melodies. Master this game and you’ll start playing what you hear, not just pre-learned patterns. The key to developing your ear is practice—a sometimes tedious process that Pickup Tunes makes fun. Compare scores with your friends and you’ll find your ears getting better before you know it.

What separates a good musician from a great one?

Lots of times it’s the ears. A musician who hasn’t learned to hear is at a disadvantage, like a chef without a sense of taste. But how do you learn to hear better?

The answer is Dean’s teaching method—and this is what makes Pickup Tunes better than other ear-training programs

Instead of throwing random intervals at you, Dean helps you develop your ears using techniques based on how we actually hear music. Instead of abstract exercises, you get the essentials you need to be a better player.

And we’ve made it fun

You’ll learn by playing an interactive game that takes advantage of the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch interface to give you an experience that doesn’t feel like work. Because you’re having fun, you’ll play more. And the more you play, the better your ears will get.

Playing Pickup Tunes is the single best thing you can do away from your instrument to become a better musician.

You’ll find yourself playing what you hear instead of just what you’ve studied. You’ll start to play music and not just patterns. Play it and see for yourself.

Pickup Tunes is suitable for all ages. If you’re a parent introducing your child to music, Pickup Tunes is a great stepping stone to learning to play an instrument. And if your child is already playing, Pickup Tunes will make lessons fun and intuitive instead of boring.

Pickup Tunes is a great way to warm up your ears anytime and anywhere you have a few minutes. Instead of getting frustrated waiting in line, get out your iPhone and give your ears a bit of exercise!