About Us

RunFly was started by the passion and love for music, and the desire to teach.

    1. Portrait of Dean Brown

      Dean Brown

      A world-famous jazz musician and instructor at Musicians Institute, Dean Brown is now our teacher too. He’s the inspiration behind our apps and provides stringent quality controls. Nothing goes out unless Dean’s happy with it.

    2. Richard Chen

      As a jazz guitarist and a student of Dean’s, Richard came up with the idea of combining Dean’s pedagogy and Apple technology which led to the Pickup Tunes concept. As the connector that brought the RunFly team together, he oversees general operations. Richard brings over 18 years of international operational experience building and leading teams to excel in fast-paced, fluid environments.

    1. Portrait of Pete Schay

      Pete Schay

      RunFly’s CTO Pete Schay is a longtime technology industry professional. He has held engineering and sales roles at Apple, IBM, Oracle and NetApp. The mainframe classic “Adventure” sparked his passion for computer games and he has played on through the whole evolution of the genre—from arcade classics to text adventures, PC games, modern console games, and apps. Pickup Tunes high score: 443.

    2. Chad Renard

      Chad Renard is a designer with experience creating a wide range of projects. His focuses are UI and graphic design, illustration, and animation. He has developed award winning sites for The San Francisco Symphony and the Library of Congress, as well as projects for a diverse client list from politicians to underground record labels.