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How can I replay a target note/melody/harmony and how many times can I replay it?
To replay just tap the spinning circle on the target. There is a limit of 3 replays per level. (Exception: on the Final Challenge, you get 3 replays per target set). The spinning circle on the targets thins out with each replay until there are only three dots spinning and no replays remaining.
How do I change instruments?
Tap or swipe the instrument icon on the bottom of the game screen. You can change the instrument whenever you want, any number of times during the game. (Please note that Pickup Tunes Free has only one instrument, piano, which cannot be changed.)
Why does the low C note play three times before each target?
The low note (or root) of the scale is a reference so that you can relate the other notes to the root. While it is sometimes helpful to recognize different intervals in a melody, it is important not to lose the key center or reference tone as the levels become more difficult.
Why does a new game start at the farthest level I’ve unlocked?
If you are playing to unlock new levels, the level where your best game ended is the place to start. On the other hand, if you are playing for a high score you can start at the first level to pick up easy points and warm up your ears. Click “Menu” on the bottom of the game screen and the backstage menu lets you scroll through screens for each stage showing your high score for each level you’ve played and a big red button to start a game on any level you’ve unlocked.
Where do the points come from and what do the different numbers mean?
When you get a note correct, the points for that note appear as a green number which jumps out of the target. If you hit the note fast enough, a speed bonus jumps off the bottom left of the menu bar and adds to your score. If you match consecutive notes perfectly, without replaying the target or dropping a note (changing your mind), then you build a “streak” bonus which shows on the bottom right in red. When your streak ends, the points jump off the menu bar and get added to your score.
Why can’t I hear anything?
Please check the mute and the volume settings on your device.
Why don’t the individual notes play during a bonus round?
Since the bonus round requires you to hear two notes at once, the game also requires you to play two notes at once. Two hands are recommended. However; if the notes you want to play are too close for two fingers (for example C and D on the iPhone) you can also tap the two notes consecutively with one finger and they will still play together at the same time.